She is one of the most casual and approachable beauty bloggers with an enormous following on social media, providing style advice on her blog and YouTube channel as well as encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

Her website includes anti-aging skincare routines, trendy fashion styles and hairstyles; diet and travel topics are also covered.

The Sunday Girl

This beauty product blog covers all the latest trends in skincare, makeup and self-care. With makeup tutorials, skincare tips, recipes to support healthy skin and immunity and expert opinion pieces from an NYC-based makeup artist who also provides body positive advice, this beauty product blog offers something for women of all sizes!

This beauty blog is led by an experienced skincare and lifestyle specialist who believes women deserve better products. She started The Sunday Girl to share her knowledge of various skincare brands and products – helping women find their ideal match through posts that are always engaging, informative, and honest – particularly her vlogs which prove popular with readers looking for suitable skin-care solutions. If you want something customized specifically to you skin type then look no further.

British Beauty Blogger

Beauty blogs may feature articles, images, video tutorials or vlogs about hair or skin care advice and recommendations, advertisements or sponsored posts from advertisers as well as their earnings from advertisements or sponsored posts.

Anna Newton of British beauty blog The Anna Edit created her website as an outlet to share her love of makeup and skincare with others. As one of the fifth largest beauty bloggers worldwide, she has collaborated with multiple brands while offering detailed reviews of both budget- and high-end products.

As one of the premier beauty product blogs in the UK, she regularly shares her favorite MAC lipstick shades, flat-lays of beauty products and makeup tutorials, and discusses which products work for specific skin tones or issues like ashen complexion or sun damage. Her blog stands as an authority in beauty product blogging.

Jodie Marsh

Jodie Marsh has made the switch to white hair this winter and looks every inch the Ice Queen in her latest selfie. The glamour model and blogger has swapped out her luscious blue locks for a winter-white style complete with fluffy coat.

Former Essex Wives star Gina has been touring the country to promote her new book. This chronicles her rise to fame as a glamour model who made millions modelling lads mags during the naughties.

Jodie went on to become a reality TV star, bodybuilder, fitness guru, and has her own sports nutrition brand. Recently she announced she and Kirk Norcross – who previously dated Towie co-star Sam Faiers before his current relationship with Holli Willis – are expecting their first child together.

Jane Cunningham

From lipstick swatches and makeup routines to skin care tips and fragrance reviews, this blog covers it all – plus fashion advice! Shirley B Eniang, its creator, has amassed an audience of over 100,000 followers.

Jane Cunningham and Philippa Roberts decided to launch Pretty Little Head (PLH), their own research-based consultancy focused on understanding female consumers. Since its creation, it has helped numerous companies better comprehend female needs and motivations – earning them praise from The Times as “pioneers in marketing to women” as well as speaking at events worldwide on this topic. Popular for its expert opinions and thorough product reviews as well as providing accessible beauty knowledge, Pretty Little Head provides great beauty information!

Suzi Bonaldi

Brighton-based fashion and beauty influencer, Pint-sized Fashion has built up a hugely dedicated following on her YouTube, two Instagram accounts, blog, TikTok and TikTok channels. Her appreciation of timeless wardrobe staples and quality beauty products has attracted leading global brands that she works closely with regularly.

Suzie Bonaldi’s content ranges from shopping hauls, fashion advice, interiors and lifestyle posts, as well as relatable high street brands at an accessible and affordable price point. Additionally, she recently started the Suzie Bonaldi at Home channel which covers homeware tips.

Emma from Emmaxolouise is another popular British blogger who has built her brand through various videos. Her productivity, lifestyle, and study vlogs have gained her an extensive fan base; additionally she hosts a weekly podcast and shares content on social channels.

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