Private ultrasound scans are an integral part of the entire journey of pregnancy. From the very beginning of pregnancy, ultrasound scans work as a transparent window through which a mum-to-be can have a look at the unborn baby. However, in order to ensure the proper growth and development of a fetus, you may need to visit a reliable Private Ultrasound Scan clinic in Cambridge multiple times for a Fetal Well-being Scan. Despite its numerous benefits, there are a number of myths or misconceptions circulating about pregnancy ultrasound scans. In today’s blog, the expert sonographers of a Private 4D ultrasound Scan clinic in Cambridge have highlighted 7 myths about ultrasound scans in pregnancy by showing us the real facts.

Myth-1 The radiation used in ultrasound scans is harmful to the developing baby

Fact: First of all, pregnancy ultrasound scans do not use any sort of radiation. Rather, it involves an ultrasound probe that produces high-frequency sound waves to generate images of the fetus. So far, no evidence has been collected to claim that ultrasound scans are harmful to pregnancy. Rather, it is always considered to be safe, and trained and qualified experts conduct pregnancy ultrasound scans in every Well-being Scan Clinic in Cambridge.

Myth-2 Pregnancy ultrasound scans are only done to show the baby’s image

Fact: It is incomplete information. Yes, pregnancy ultrasound scans indeed show the baby’s images and videos. But it is more than just showing the images. Doctors often recommend undergoing a Fetal Well-being Scan in Cambridge as it can detect if there are any abnormalities with the growth or development of the fetus, or most importantly, anything ominous about the pregnancy and the mother’s health. Therefore, apart from producing images of the baby, a pregnancy ultrasound scan ensures whether a baby is growing healthily inside its mother’s womb.

Myth-3 You must go for a 3D ultrasound scan from the early stages of your pregnancy

Fact: 3D ultrasound scans are not at all harmful but they will not be effective in the early stages of pregnancy. In the first trimester, the embryo starts growing. So, an expectant woman must keep patience until she reaches 26 weeks of her pregnancy. The experts of most Fetal Well-being Scan clinics in Cambridge opine that the best time for 3D ultrasound scans is between 26-32 weeks of pregnancy. During this phase of pregnancy, a 3D ultrasound scan helps a mother to look more closely at the finite features of the developing baby.

Myth-4 An ultrasound scan tells the most accurate gender of an unborn baby

Fact: Yes, most ultrasound scans reveal the most accurate gender of an unborn baby. But only when it is done at the proper time of pregnancy and also the baby’s positioning remains right. 18-20 weeks is the ideal time to get the most accurate gender reveal ultrasound scan. But if someone undergoes an ultrasound scan to know the baby’s gender before the 18th week, she might not get an accurate scan report that claims the exact gender of the baby.

Myth-5 Visiting your doctor every time requires undergoing pregnancy ultrasound scans

Fact: Not necessarily! Doctors usually advise undergoing ultrasound scans twice or thrice during pregnancy. In some rare cases, one more ultrasound scan may be required. But not every time visiting your doctor will require undergoing ultrasound scans. Even if a couple wants to have more ultrasound scans for their personal preference, they must consult a doctor.

Myth-6 Ultrasound is a super-quick examination with instant results

Fact: Well, the overall duration of an ultrasound scan depends on a number of factors. Still, it takes a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes to finish a private ultrasound scan in Cambridge. And, when it comes to getting its result, it can either take an hour or a full day to get in hands.

Myth-7 An ultrasound scan is the only option to detect if a woman is pregnant

Fact: This just a baseless statement in this era where a lot of alternatives are there to identify a pregnancy. First of all, the early pregnancy symptoms let a woman know if she is pregnant. But an ultrasound scan can indeed confirm a pregnancy as some early pregnancy symptoms like fatigue, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, etc. resemble other health conditions too. But that does not necessarily mean that an ultrasound is the main and only way to know if a woman is expecting or not.

Now that, you have been well aware of these misconceptions, do not fall for these 7 myths about pregnancy ultrasound scans. To avoid confusion and understanding, do not hesitate to get in touch with the professionals of any Private 4D ultrasound Scan clinic in Cambridge.

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